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    We enjoy travelling and love Russia. What about you?

    In this sense we are travel fans and fans of Russia! We have lots of ideas and inspiration to share.

    Please join our fan club and we will surely help you in your new tourist discoveries in our wonderful country.

    We are pleased to offer:

    * Peculiar tours for sophisticated travelers.

    * Tours for fans of music and architecture, photography and painting, gastronomy and ethnography, history and many more.

    * Off-the-Beaten-Track Spots that can’t be found in travel guides.

    * Lots of Interactive – not just listening and watching, but trying and participating in different masterclasses, tastings and active entertainments.

    * Irreplaceable classic for beginners planning their first acquaintance with the country.

    * A unique handbook for unassisted travelers – churches and monasteries of Moscow area, places for hunting and fishing, eco farms and even original ethnic villages … and other joyous sights.


    Our Advantages:


    Quality Guarantee

    We choose for you tours that we wouldn’t mind to go ourselves! We have our own hotel in Moscow which we love and where each room has been checked and each breakfast dish tasted, the most secure buses and the most erudite and friendly guides. We love Moscow and want to present it in way that you will love it too. We cooperate only with reliable and proved tour operators for Russia. We know tours worth going with children and whole family as well as those that suit only young couples or people in mature age. We value our clients and your satisfaction with the rest is important for us not “selling”; your coming back and recommending us to your friends is significant as well.  Convenience and rapidity: Our website is designed to assist you in choosing tours by presenting all information about the program, route, sites and cities, hotels. Fast purchasing by any convenient means: non-cash payment or in our office.


    Deals Safety

    All our deals with client are executed with full package of completed documentation and additional insurance FINANCIAL GUARANTEES. We worry for your money not less than you do for its fast and safe arrival to receiving party therefore we use only secure banking channels with the proved reliability. Your non-cash payments are either safe as if you passed them yourself “from hand to hand”.

    It’s complicated to sense multifaceted nature and beauty of Russia in full but we’ll be delighted to assist you in finding out more about Russia, all that you dreamed to know and may be you would join fans of Russia – “Russia fan” forever.